Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hustling Day 3

So..I left 15 minutes later then I have been lately just to see how it would go and of course I am never doing that again...apparently everyone leaves at 7:15 ..all the excessively brakers, lunitics and what not..I got to the office with 4 mins to spare thanks to these jerks..but it is okay I had a productive day at work! My office looks more like an office..thanks to me...well my desk area does..not so much when I turn my chair around and look at the extra things that have piled up around me..closet bedroom at home..closet office at work ;) I accomplished creating a sample spreadsheet and some more research all within an hr/all before my boss even came into work ;) I was very productive, got my computer hooked up to the massive copy machine/printer, again like I said I arranged my desk stuff, have post it notes all over already, contact info piled up, folders etc. I worked on my first assignment and wound up accomplishing my own personal goal of locating and researching and filling 15 possible partnering organizations/resources :) My VISTA task says to do yay for me!! Not bad for my 3rd day on the job, 2nd day in the office.. ;) My boss took her secretary (who I just met today) and I out to lunch at panera, I really am getting to know my boss more already! All in all good, successful day. My new quote of the day is "People who brake excessively should have to drive without them!" -I need to find a room or apartment to rent that is closer to my work!!! This 3 hrs driving a day is going to kill me or my truck..or both! eek. I love driving though and the routes I take are very scenic and pretty..but the people and traffic lights urghh that's another story! Well till next the original 4Hers would say...Head Heart Hands & HUSTLE! lol.. Still my fav history fact about 4H ;) ...for those who do not know what I am speaking is our motto and addresses all the areas of life in doing so..they originally had hustle as the 4th H but later changed it to Health! :) 
I'm sure I am forgetting things that happened today..buttt I will survive and so will you ;) I am trying to hustle into finishing things up at home so that I may relax and go to bed even earlier lol..I love my sleep! Woo ironing is done! Next..looking up another route to take to work and then so much needed FBing and other things..


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