Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today started out with a crazy nightmarish dream & my alarm to wake up to..I showered, prepped, ate & left by 7am sharp. Arrived at my boss's house by 8:33..supposed to be there by 8:45 so go me for being early for a second day in the row..I am still getting used to my commute(s) so extra time is always a plus for me! Today I took 611N all the way up (on the PA side) & crossed over the bridge in Easton..once we met up, we carpooled all the way to New Brunswick to the Rutgers campus which is confusing and gorgeous! From 10-430 I was there..attended 2 committee meetings -volunteer development & leadership development etc..took an hr lunch..then back for another committee & then once that was done I sat down for a VISTA supervisor meeting where I put names to faces..as to who I have been communicating with for the past couple of months! Finally were able to leave and drive back to my boss's house (hr) ..had great discussions in the car--some of which I am VERY excited about & then we parted ways and I drove home an hour and a half back down 611..followed one of the most annoying drivers all the way to Doylestown..aka for an hour..and eventually made it home to find dad sick..mom just got home 10 mins before me and burnt pizza..soo I improvised and suggested hotdogs and beans since there wasn't much else to choose from etc..since mom and I did not want to cook much..since it was already almost 8pm. I retold her some of my days highlights and got ready for work tomorrow..and now here we are..my back is sore..and I am looking at the clock...830pm already..wow. I am tired....but not as tired as yesterday..so that is good. But yeah..still not really in a writing mood..as I would like to be for this blog..but you get the gist of today at least. (also maybe because I wrote and spoke a great deal today..as I am finding out that I will be during this job..I connect A LOT with the information and brainstorming that is continually going on around me so woo!) I feel more enlightened after today's discussions etc so that is always a PLUS. Tomorrow is another day...day 3. Let it be something great. 

Gnite all. 

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