Thursday, April 26, 2012


IT was a very successful and productive day for myself once I got over the initial drowsiness that my 1.5 hr drive does to me. I know this is prob not true but I felt like I worked the hardest today in the office. Like really..and my frustration came out on the drive home..for once PA drivers shamed us compared to NJ ones..I already am driving an SUV without any rear brakes..and barely any front people just turn! or drive properly..much would be appreciated. Anyway I arrived at work by 8:45am. So I decided to start my day early..I wasted no time and jumped right into my tasks for the day. My boss arrived at 10. I had a few 5 min time slots to address things with her/brainstorm/see her at all. I really needed to discuss with her my work schedule for this wk..because it turns out I had 2.5 hrs I did not know where to place..I was hoping to take off work tomorrow (friday) on account of me coming in for 3 hours on saturday. She is really laid back and was like do whatever I was planning on staying a little later today (which I did, I left at 5 instead of 445.) People came and went. I took my hr long lunch..ate fast then had a half hr to do I went into too many deep thoughts/worries of mine and then had to go back inside to start the rest of my day. I finished my set tasks..I now have 19 contacts out of 20. I even called a few, set up a meeting for next week etc, talked with my boss about saturdays stuff..went back on my own..she assigned me a couple new tasks..around 2 something. By 3 I got my first phone call in the office..I then proceeded to discuss business etc with person on line and as I went to put the person on hold and double check with my boss about setting up a meeting which would put me out of the office..I found that my boss left and went home for the day. I was kind of like "oh". So I proceeded with my business and set up a meeting. I pushed myself to keep working until 5. I finished all assignments for the day. I talked with a coworker for a little being as we were the only 2 left in the office..she gave me hope that I might be able to find a place to live close by..anyway I am taking my CAR to work tomorrow..and am going to tour around the area after work..hopefully my car does my dad proud and works properly the whole time!
Wish me luck.


Ps: the 492.5 is how many miles I have driven since Monday. 

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